Center for Palliative Care

The Center strives to advance the understanding, practice and development of palliative care in the Czech Republic through research, education and raising public awareness. Established in 2014 the Centre has a team of academic and policy researchers and palliative care professionals who work together to bring data, evidence and communication into palliative care.


The main areas of our research are the quality of life of patients with advanced disease and their families, and the evaluation of clinical and socioeconomic outcomes of palliative care.  The results of our work are used to inform the development of clinical guidelines and to improve the evidence base of palliative care.



Center is involved in the development and delivery of various educational activities for professionals and the general public. Together with the Czech Society of Palliative Medicine, we support further integration of palliative care into curriculums of relevant university degree programs.

Examples of our education courses:


End-of-Life Nursing Education Consortium (ELNEC) is a course which provides nurses with education in palliative care, preparing them to teach the information to practicing nurses and other healthcare professional. The course is written by nurses for nurses, and are designed to educate nursing providing palliative care and improving end of life care, but all members of the interdisciplinary team are welcome to attend.

Public awareness

We strive to improve the public awareness and understanding of palliative care through various public campaigns, debates and collaboration with non-governmental and non-profit organizations. The Center also offers expert consultation services for policy makers and relevant institutions.


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