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The palliative care experience of Covid-19 pandemics in public hospital of Southern Switzerland

doctor Claudia Gamondi

head of palliative care clinic in Centre Hôpitalier Universitaire Vaudoise in Lausanne

11/23/2020 / webinář už proběhl

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Pandemics of Covid-19 strongly affected health services all around the world. From media, it looks like pandemics hit from all medical specialities mostly epidemiology and intensive care medicine. But Covid-19 also shows the importance of palliative care services in hospitals. What were the specificities of work with infected patients in one of the most affected regions during the first wave? It is our pleasure to invite doctor Claudia Gamondi to share her work experience in palliative care team in the hospital on the Swiss-Italian borders.



doctor Claudia Gamondi

doctor Claudia Gamondi

Doctor Claudia Gamondi graduated in medicine and surgery with the speciality of medical oncology. Since 2013 she has been the head of the palliative clinic in Centre Hôpitalier Universitaire Vaudois (CHUV) in Lausanne. She teaches at the University of Lausanne and other universities and medical schools in Switzerland. She is a member of the committee of Swiss Society of Palliative Medicine and Care and president of palliative training group SwissEduc.

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23th November online

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